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The difference is our commitment to a highly individualized and realistic approach for women
Our program is for adult women only. We keep it simple, realistic, individualized and focused on your ability to duplicate at home many of the things you learn and do with us.

In addition to fitness classes, we walk everywhere. We emphasize walking as an important part of staying active both during your stay and at home. We get some of our steps by sightseeing and exploring beautiful Coronado and the larger San Diego area.

Our meals are nutritionally balanced, healthful and delicious, yet are simple enough to make at home. In fact we will show you how while you participate in meal preparation during our culinary classes.

One-on-one personal training sessions tailor your fitness goals based on your ability, age and fitness level.

One-on-one nutritional sessions will be both educational and specific to your needs.

We keep our retreats small to ensure individualized attention. You will enjoy a small group, intimate experience. We work with each one of you to achieve the best possible results both during your stay and after you leave us.

Your success is what drives us!
The Del
Focus on yourself......

Learn, Work Hard, Enjoy Healthful Meals, Have Fun, Plan for Home:

Our program provides an integrated approach for an unforgettable experience and long term success:

* Individualized attention
* Education
* Activity
* Nutrition
* Culinary
* Friendly, small group atmosphere
* Thoughtful, understanding and caring environment
* Explore and sightsee
* Plan for home

Learn more:
Make a new beginning!
Sign up for our next session. Our professional and experienced staff will provide both a challenging and supportive environment to jump start your path to weight loss and better health.

Call us to learn more. Choose from our 1-4 week sessions. Come join us in beautiful San Diego where we can enjoy outdoor activities year-round.
Welcome to the Weight Loss & Fitness Retreat you deserve...
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Coronado Beach
Weight Loss for Women
Come join us in beautiful San Diego, California!

Jump-start your weight loss, and take home the tools and confidence you need to make lasting lifestyle changes for your health.

Walk on world-famous beaches and experience the renowned San Diego weather. Improve your fitness with fun activities by the sea!

Enjoy beautiful, private room accommodations.

Complement your fitness experience by visiting the area's many attractions.
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Weight Loss & Fitness
Retreat for Women
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Fit by the Sea
Weight Loss & Fitness
Retreat for Women
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